Smart Home Audio(249)

NuSpeech Series

NuSpeech is a high sound quality Voice Synthesizer with advance 5-bit MDPCM algorithm. It includes 4-bit uC and GPIO share with CPU I/F to communicate with external MCU and PWM output to playback voice. With help of evaluation board, NV-584VP, it is easy to define voices combination and implement code quickly.


? Home Appliance Voice Module
? Medical Voice Module
? Smoke Detector Voice Module

? Counting Machine Voice Module
? Control Panel Voice Module


? Wide operation voltage 2.2~5.5V
? Embedded 2Mbit OTP
? System clock: 8MHz, generate by Ring
? H/W synthesis 1-ch w/ 5-bit MDPCM
? Build PWM to drive speaker directly

? Provide Watch Dog Timer
? Low Voltage Reset (LVR) to avoid lock up
? Provide CPU interface share with GPIO
? Package type: Die form or SOP20